Friday, October 13, 2017

Wooden Boat Oar Hat Rack

What better way to hang your hat in a nautical themed room than with an oar? This was the easiest project for the entire room and really adds to the decor. I searched for weeks for an oar, but everyone selling them in this area must think they're made of gold. I happened to find this one just browsing at Hobby Lobby and it was 50% off, plus matched perfectly. Score!

I ordered a few boat cleats from Amazon and made markings on my oar and drilled the holes I needed for screwing in the cleats. If you do not pre-drill holes, you run the risk of splitting your wooden oar. 

I screwed in three boat cleats and then attached mounting hooks to the back of the oar. Done. Simple, but really cool according to my son. This would also make an awesome coat rack by an entryway or even a towel rack in your bathroom. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Nautical Sign

In recent years, my son has asked me to redesign his room because he felt that Thomas the Tank Engine was too baby-ish. This year I finally committed to redesigning his room and what is more perfect that a nautical theme when you live on the coast? 

We came across a framed sign at Hobby Lobby that my son loved, with a whale and a quote from Psalm 93:4, but it was $60. Um no. We wanted it so bad though! How cute it would be to hang just over his headboard. So, I thought to myself, maybe I can make one. I turned to my son and said..I will make it. 

Armoire Upcycled to Entryway Mudcloset

I have struggled for years to keep the front entryway organized and neat with shoes, book bags, umbrellas, husband's junk. I really hated seeing it all. It's a nightmare for someone who dabbles in OCD :/ 

My original plan was to make a mud closet...and I did! See my earlier post here where I re-purposed an old entertainment center into a mud closet. Not bad for my first try. After a couple years of constantly barking orders for someone to straighten up the mess, I decided I wanted an armoire to hide the mess!