Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Vintage Nautical Dresser

I discovered this vintage dresser at a local estate sale. I had been keeping my eye out for something exactly like this for my husband. Frankly, I'm tired of sharing my dresser :) I bought this piece for $50, which I believe is a very fair price for it's age and condition. It is solid wood and has the dovetail drawers. Nice!

Here is what this little gem looked like beforehand. Built tough, but ugly. This project was a little more difficult than most since I had to consider someone else's opinion on the piece. My husband asked for green and chose his own color, which I agreed with. However, we did not come to a consensus on how to redo the drawers. It took some trial and error (and disagreements) till finally I said I know exactly what to do, you'll love it. Just trust me!