Saturday, January 9, 2016

Zebra Chair Makeover

I originally made over this chair months ago for resale, which you can see here. After I finished my daughter fell in love with it and claimed it for her own. I bought it for her originally, but she didn't think she'd want something without wheels so I ended up redoing the chair differently. However, once she saw the finished product she realized how pretty the chair could be. Gee, this sounds familiar....she did the exact same thing when I made over the zebra nightstand for her room.  

This quick change didn't cost me much except time and about $6 in new fabric. My daughter doesn't like distressed furniture so I repainted over it with the white I already had on hand from her Tween Zebra Room Makeover. I did a bit more research on reupholstering seats since I wasn't all that sastisfied with how it turned out last time. 

I found some great suggestions from the Little Green Notebook on how to upholster corners. For the most part it worked for me, with a minor modification at the end. I removed the fabric and stapled according to her directions. 

I don't think my corners came out quite as nice as hers and I believe it's because my foam is much thicker. 

I modified my corners to accommodate my thick foam. I tucked in my fabric and folded it over almost like you're wrapping a present. This worked out pretty well for the thicker foam. When you're done stapling remember to hammer your staples in so they're not sticking up.

This is an easy update with just a little paint and new fabric. I hope to redo more chairs in the future.