Thursday, December 17, 2015

Super Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Because not all of us have time for the Elf!!

So after speaking with a few moms I know I'm not the only one who is frustrated over figuring out what to do with this elf! In the beginning I swore I wouldn't spend $30 on a "stupid elf". However my sister apparently thought my kids should definitely have an elf :) So last year this tradition began and my kids absolutely love their elf Morgen. Yes, I know how to correctly spell Morgen, but he's an elf so he's different. 

This year Mindy joined our family too (because I like to torture myself). Although it really isn't any more trouble to have two elves. Either way, most of us are INSANELY busy and don't have time for elaborate elf scenarios and I prefer not to have the elves "in my way", like rolling in flour on my stove. Um no. I'm not cleaning that crap up nor am I not using my stove for a full 24 hours. 

So here is a compilation of mom-on-the-go ideas that are super easy and not too mischievous, as I'd prefer not to encourage my munchkins, and will also be out of mommy and daddy's way!

1) Rolling in Christmas ribbon:

2) Make an Elf grocery list:

3) Counting down the days before Christmas:

4) Zip line elf:

5) Riding on a sleigh:

6) Riding the Santa Express:

7) Repelling elf:

8) Hinting for Christmas cookies:

9) Pretending to be Santa with Cars or Hotwheels:

10) Playing Connect:

11) Playing Scrabble:

12) Roasting marshmallows:

13) Cruisin' in Hwy 55 vehicles

14) Coloring Christmas pages

15) Reading Bible stories to friends

16) Elf Bingo with Kisses

17) Hanging on an ornament

18) Stealing Christmas cookies

19) Drawing on toilet paper

20) Elves with a sweet tooth!

21) Goodbye note 

22) Elf hanging in mistletoe

23) Hanging out in the miniature Christmas village

24) Elves eating freshly made sugar cookies

25) Assigning chores

26) Hanging on a tension rod with ornaments

27) Reading the Bible (John 3:16)

28) Sharing a Christmas cupcake

29) Getting cozy in a wreath and leaving messages

I will continue to add ideas as they happen! You can also simply move the elf around the room. Let him/her hang out in the tree, sit on a mantle or curtain rod. If you have any ideas you'd like to share I welcome them! Please comment below :)

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