Sunday, November 8, 2015

Distressed Cottage Desk

This desk makes me think of cool mornings by the breezy ocean coast, sipping warm green tea. Complete peace around me, just listening to seagulls and reading a book. 

HAHAHAHA....I wish. I'm currently listening to a medieval battalion attack the Bat Cave in the background while my daughter keeps interrupting me to help her with yet another rainbow loom bracelet. I'm ok with that though. It means they still want to be near me and haven't written me off yet. 

I purchased this desk a few months ago for $50. I got a second desk for $10 along with it and made over that one for my son's room here. I had intended to sell this desk but I think I may keep it.

This is what the desk looked liked beforehand. Not bad, but pretty scratched up. Not sure if it was done this way on purpose or not.