Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tween Dresser Makeover

The last piece of furniture is finally done in my daughter's room! I am so glad too. This year is flying by already and I've had little time to dedicate to finishing her room. It's time for a break!

This dresser is a home store find we got for $65 a few years ago. It's laminate and not real wood anywhere! So if you sand this before painting, you'd end up with either of two results:
1) Lightly sanded for nothing because the surface is still as smooth as a baby's butt or
2) Break out the sander to cut through and roughen the surface and you end up sanding the entire laminate surface off down to the cheap MDF underneath.

I have done this before when I thought a piece was "real wood". 

All is not lost though. You can still have beautiful results on laminate furniture. The secret is priming! I use Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer.

I applied two coats of primer to each drawer and the entire dresser. I usually wait 1 day in between coats because I'm usually working on projects at night, but read the instructions for dry time before you apply your second coat.

I used a paint roller to apply my primer and also the paint. This is a perfect piece to use a roller, which will really help in achieving a smooth finish without brush strokes. I used a brush in a few small spaces on the dresser when necessary. 

The colors I chose for the dresser are the exact same paints I used for her room which are listed here.

I painted two coats of Pearly Violet on her dresser. This was the trim color in her room. I also applied two coats of Frosty Berry to the drawers. I bought new zebra pull knobs for her two top drawers. The rest of the hardware I spray painted with Rust Oleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Once all the paint was dried I applied two coats of polyacrylic. Allow the first coat to completely dry before applying a second coat.

In between the first and second coat lightly sand with a steel wool pad for a smooth finish.

Thankfully this is the last piece of furniture in her room to makeover and soon I will be posting her Tween Zebra Room Reveal!

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