Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Banner & Decor

I definitely cannot take credit for this super cute Easter banner. This was all my sister's idea. She swears she's not crafty. I beg to differ. But, she was completely delighted with herself when she created this Easter banner for her photography backdrop. Check out her Southern Reflections Photography Studios Facebook page HERE. I was so excited when I saw her banner, I just had to have the same one for my mantle! Being that she's such a wonderful sister and all, she mailed me her leftover supplies :)

The best part about this banner is how cheap it is to make! All you need are Easter gift bags, twine, scissors and a single hole punch. She found the Easter gift bags at Fred's for 25 cents each.

Cut off one side of the bag and hole punch both corners. Run your twine through each and voila!

My other Easter decor was ALL from the Dollar Store. How cool is it that they sell glass vases, votives?! As you can see, a very easy and cheap way to decorate for the holiday!

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