Thursday, February 26, 2015

Frozen Birthday Party

Where to begin with this one...?! This was by far the most extravagant birthday party I have ever had for one of my children. This was my version of a Pinterest-y winter wonderland on a budget, for my daughter's 11th birthday. It's not as nice as some of the elaborate parties I've seen on Pinterest, but hey we can't all be rich ;)

THE most important thing about your child's party, is YOUR CHILD. Having 20 friends over and throwing a block party, like you see in every movie, is not my daughter's personality. Having a couple close bff's over to spend quality time, is more her speed. Once all the grandparents, aunts and uncles arrive you have a house full anyway. 

I compiled all the ideas I had researched and made my game plan. I used blue and white plastic tablecloths to decorate with. My daughter made snowflakes out of coffee filters. I bought any serving dishes I needed at The Dollar Tree or Party City for $1 each. The tumblers were a great clearance find at Target thanks to my friend, Melanie!

Giving all the food Frozen inspired names seems to be a popular Pinterest pin. We incorporated that into our theme as well. Two food items we added were Kristoff's Ice Blocks and Hershey kisses. I did see a bowl of blue jello with an "Olaf floating" on top and I almost did that but instead decided to cut the jello into cubes for ice blocks.

FROZEN Themed Food:
Kristoff's Ice Blocks - Blue jello
Olaf's Snowman Arms - Pretzel sticks
Elsa's Icicles - Rock candy
Sven's Carrots - baby carrots
Elsa's Snow Dip - Ranch dressing
A Kiss to Melt a Frozen Heart - Hershey kisses
Blue Party Punch - courtesy of Comfy in the Kitchen

I created all the place cards on Microsoft Word using an image I downloaded from Google. 

We also made Olaf inspired treat bags courtesy of Our Thrifty Ideas - "Do you wanna build a snow man?" She has free printables and the kids loved this!

We decorated our fireplace a little so our birthday girl would have a Frozen themed area to open her presents. I couldn't resist sharing her picture either. Acting girly is out of character for her so I have to savor every moment she has them haha. Although you're unable to see her facial expression she looked very much "in charge" and confident. I was so happy to see her enjoying herself on "her day".

Lastly, the cake! She loved the cake! This is the biggest cake I've ever done and it came out pretty good. For tips on stacking tiered cakes check out Wilton's tutorial

I used white store bought cake mix. I haven't tackled making my own cake mix from scratch yet. I do however make my own vanilla buttercream frosting which is sooo much better than store bought in not only flavor but consistency. Check out my Turkey Cupcakes. I have a link for both Vanilla and Chocolate Buttercream Frostings.

I used rock candy for Elsa's ice castle and bought all the Frozen characters off eBay. I probably spent around $20 total on this cake. Can you imagine what that would cost from a bakery?!


  1. This frozen birthday party is just stunning!! The food is looking so delicious. At my son’s favorite party city locations NY I am going to host his 6th birthday party. He wants me to arrange the Thor party for him. I have been looking for the party printables for Thor theme. Could you please share the links to download the party printables!

  2. Thank you so much! I would try for all party printables. If you click "Follow Me on Pinterest" at the top, you'll see my board for Children's Birthdays. I haven't researched Thor yet but I'm sure you'll find them on Pinterest with ease. Thanks!