Wednesday, February 11, 2015

52 Things I Love About You

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought I'd share this special project I made a couple years ago for my husband for Valentine's Day.

I found the tutorial and idea at Visual Heart. She even offers a template you can download and add your own text. 

To start with you have to come up with 52 reasons you love them! I used some of Visual Heart's ideas, but mostly I added what I felt I needed to say and what was special in our relationship. 

Because I always have 2,873 tabs open in my mind, I have to write it down and organize my thoughts. I'm old school and still put pencil to paper. I used Microsoft Word and created my own template and typed them up. I chose to use rubber cement instead of Mod-Podge and it worked great. I found the binder rings at Michael's.

My husband really loved this gift. It's from the heart. It's made from your hands and not bought in a store with someone else's words.

As I type this..... he leans over and says aww you made one like that for me! Yes dear, this IS yours. Haha....