Saturday, January 24, 2015

FROZEN Mason Jar Candles

Coming up next month is my daughter's Frozen birthday party. I have many things I have to make happen between now and then, including completing her Tween Zebra Room, since she has pleaded for it to be finished so she can show off to her friends ;)

To kick off the Frozen party crafts and decor, I created these Frozen mason jar candles. I got the idea for mason jar candles at They created some very cute jars for winter decor. I just needed to incorporate a Frozen theme...simple!

I don't have a die cut machine as used by The Frugal Girls but they also suggested stickers. I found these glittery blue letters at Michaels on clearance for 99 cents. Score!

Items you'll need:

Mason jars
Epsom salt
Letter stickers

This project only took 10 minutes and they look so good! In my opinion, the stickers are the way to go. First off, it's super easy! Second, you can interchange the quotes and ribbons for each season. I may just keep them up and change them when this party is over. Another reason I like using stickers - I am not fully committed to my mason jars having the same lettering on it forever lol. I am stingy with mason jars and I like being able to reuse them :)

What quote or saying would you put on your mason jars?