Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Quick & Cheap Christmas Gift Idea

Great for office parties, family gatherings or party favors for your guests!

This Christmas gift idea is inexpensive and super quick.

We did this last year for a local children's shelter and they were a hit! So, this year we made the same gifts. Mugs are easy enough to come by in dollar stores, consignment shops and yard sales. Since ours were for charity we had our mugs donated from the community.

I think it's important for my children to understand what the meaning of Christmas truly is and also learn how to help others. They have enjoyed putting these treats together and I'm sure we'll make it a yearly event.

You can add anything you want to your mugs. Since I'm filling approximately 25 mugs I try hard not to spend a fortune. I also have friends, family or co-workers who like to contribute to this cause. But what I do buy myself is Dollar Tree or Walmart. You can get Swiss Miss or Nestle hot chocolate from dollar stores, red and green plastic spoons. This year someone donated a variety of tea flavors so we added those to the mugs for the staff. Pick up a bag of candy, divide it up and wrap it up with colored plastic wrap and tie with Christmas ribbon.

I put the mugs full of treats inside a decorative Christmas treat bag. I add popcorn inside each treat bag since it's something the shelter likes to have for movie nights with the children. 

If you have suggestions on what treats you'd add please comment below! 

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