Sunday, November 23, 2014

Turkey Cupcakes

Perfect for Thanksgiving!

These cupcakes are pretty easy to make and they'll be a hit on Thanksgiving! I ran across this recipe originally on the Betty Crocker website, which even provides a video tutorial on how to make the turkey design.

I tweeked the recipe a little. First of all I much prefer homemade frosting compared to store bought. You have much more control over the consistency of the frosting.

I have 2 Buttercream Frosting recipes I live by, that I found on Savory Sweet Life:

These frosting recipes are simple, even for a beginner, and best of all the recipe doesn't call for eggs, so no salmonella poisoning ;) I started making this frosting about a year ago and rarely use store bought any more.

I used Wiltons tip #199 to pipe my frosting on in circles until I covered the entire top, then piped a big plop of icing for the head. I used cupcake gems/pearls for the eyes. 

I did try and use some store bought frosting for the turkey's head, at first. I had orange frosting and thought it'd look really cute to have the turkey heads in orange and make it more colorful. However those 3 turkeys look slaughtered lol. The frosting ran and dripped down the cupcakes, even though I put the frosting in the fridge to stiffen it up prior to piping it on. Homemade is just better, specifically for this reason. But you could always make the Classic Vanilla Buttecream frosting and add Wiltons orange food coloring.

The kids will certainly enjoy helping to create the turkeys, so make it a family event as we did!