Monday, November 17, 2014

Festive Fall Mantel

I love looking at all the beautifully decorated mantels on Pinterest and ever since my fireplace makeover, I can't help but decorate seasonally! This is my first attempt at decorating for fall. I do not have a budget for Pier 1 decorations (unless it's 90% off) so I do my best to be creative with what I can buy (or make). The only fall decoration I owned prior to this was my poor little "broke neck turkey" I got on clearance one year at a grocery store of all places haha. My turkey has a broken neck, thanks to young children lol, but as long as I prop him the right way his head stays upright lol.

I accumulated my fall decor from The Dollar Tree, Michael's and Lowes - on sale or clearance. Is there any other way? Also I picked up the basket of over sized fruit for $5 at a yard sale. My husband thinks my fruit is ugly, and I guess it kind of is, considering it's not sized proportionally to real fruit but hey it was $5. Maybe I'll sell the fruit and put something else there.

My son really fell in love with this piece from Michael's. I can't remember the exact price (around $14.99), but I told him no, maybe later when it goes on sale. Turns out it was already on sale, which he realized and I didn't. I must be doing something right if a 7 year old knows a good deal when he sees one! This lovely piece was 60% off and how can you say no to a little boy's sad eyes AND 60% off? I must say he has great taste. Go mom.

I used a 50% off coupon at Michael's as well to purchase fall leaves garland. Why pay $7.99? 
Most of the other decorations came from The Dollar Tree, like these cute little pumpkins. It just adds something extra. 

My most recent purchase was my beautiful fall wreath! I got lucky on this one. You can too if you start looking as they are changing out fall decorations to Christmas. I buy allllll my Christmas supplies AFTERwards at 50%-75% off. Then I'm ready to go the following year. Oh back to my wreath! I was strolling along at Lowes and there it was, alone with no home. Price tag $21.99. Hmmm I don't think so. I checked anyway since it was the last one. Cashier said it was half off, $11. Hmmm no thanks anyway. She walks away as we ring up in the self serve line, comes back and says we can do 50% off the $11. $5.50?! You bet!

Welcome home fall wreath!