Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bigfoot Birthday Party

Doesn't get much funnier than that LOL

September was a crazy month and I spent more time preparing for this party, the presents and home life in general that I didn't get 1 piece of furniture completed, or even started for that matter, for the Tween Zebra Room. I promise I'll be back on that project soon!

In the meantime I wanted to share this awesome Bigfoot Birthday we managed to pull off for our 7 year old son! Normally I let them pick a theme, but this year we surprised him with Bigfoot! My son watches every single episode of Finding Bigfoot and is fascinated with the subject.

After checking Wal-Mart, Party City and online sources, I realized NO ONE sells Bigfoot party supplies. I actually found that surprising considering how popular the show is, especially here in the south. I did find some cupcake toppers on Etsy, but it was nothing any crafty woman couldn't make herself lol.

For the first time ever I had to create the entire birthday theme. I wouldn't go as far as to say it was hard, but it was definitely more work than I usually put into the decorations. This required a lot more thought, research online and Pinterest ideas. Pinterest had several pins regarding Bigfoot parties that others had put together. Some appeared rather elaborate and pricey but this mommy is on a budget.

I took all this knowledge and made a game plan for our party. The one thing I didn't see any where were parties held outside at a "campsite". Isn't that where most people see him lol? They're out camping one night, all of a know the stories :)

So, I decided I would make my front yard a campsite and also post Bigfoot signs on nearby trees. I bought red and white checkered tablecloths for the tables and set up chairs. I don't own an actual camping tent, but I did have a beach tent...whatever works lol. Borrow a tent from someone if you need to, I promise the kids really will enjoy this outdoors theme.