Friday, August 1, 2014

Our Tween Room Colors!

I am so ready to start this tween room makeover! Why am I sooo excited?? Because my daughter finally decided she's a girl!! My t-shirt and jeans wearing tomboy has changed. Now, will you find her with bows in her hair? Hahaha no way! If you could only see her facial expression if it was suggested. 

It's taken 10 years for this to come to fruition. And she wants to go all out! Even painting pink on her walls! Everyone who knows her....thinks they misheard what I said! 

I went through a lot of pink paint sample cards, with the help of good friends. We narrowed it down to 3 that I could live with on my walls and then I let my daughter make the final choice. 

The black is for her dresser and desk which I get to makeover too!


  1. I love the colors, now to start!

  2. I bought the black paint yesterday so I'm ready to start making over some furniture!

  3. Paint is going up this weekend! Desk is done!!