Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ALWAYS BE BATMAN Boys Canvas Wall Art

I've seen this quote around a few times recently and thought it was hilarious. When I ran across this again as canvas wall art on Etsy I showed it to my 6 year old son, who giggled ;) I decided I would attempt to make it for him since I'm not going to spend $15-$29 for it and I had recently pinned a tutorial for adding quotes to canvas!
I bought a 2-pack of 11x14 canvas from Walmart for $5.47. I checked Michael's but they were more expensive on canvases. I bought letter stickers from Michaels and I already had the spray paint I needed. I wanted the letters to come out yellow so I spray painted the front of the canvas yellow. I also printed out the original canvas idea I saw on Etsy as a guide.

Once the paint was dry I applied the letters where I wanted them. I had a lot of trouble getting the bigger letters to stick, which accounted for a little more spray under the letters in the end :( but I guess it adds character. I also ran out of the smaller letters so I improvised and used big "U's" instead of "you" lol

I then spray painted the entire canvas black including the sides, 2 coats and dried in between.

Peel the letters off with tweezers while the paint is still tacky, as suggested by the tutorial.

And you're done! I spent more time arranging the letters than anything else, but this is a simple project that can be completed in a couple hours. Now, what to do with the remaining 11X14 canvas....hmmm


  1. pic of finished product would be nice

  2. I added it to the bottom as well for you :)

  3. I thought the one at the top was just the idea one! Lol...great job! Love it....