Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dresser Makeover with Spray Paint!

As I've mentioned before, I can't afford to buy brand new furniture when needed. So I always shop for a bargain on used furniture. I found this dresser in good shape at Goodwill for $30! Not only did I get a great dresser for next to nothing, I got one of the best laughs of my life when the cashier looked at my husband and asked, "Will this be a senior citizen discount?" Hahahaha! Priceless. He wasn't amused.

I lightly sanded the entire dresser and all the drawers, just to rough up the surfaces and prepare for painting.Wiped down the dresser to remove residue. I also removed all the hardware. I wasn't sure if I should change them out or redo? I found as I removed them that thankfully the hideous handles came apart. So that meant I could spray paint the metal ends too! Ha!

My son's other bedroom furniture is already black so I decided I'd redo this dresser to match. Since I chose a darker color than the dresser was originally, I skipped the primer this time. I used Krylon spray paint in Satin Black. I used about 3- 4 cans if I remember correctly.

I laid down plastic sheeting and spray painted my dresser outside. (Spray in a well ventilated area.) Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of all my steps, I did this project well before I ever considered blogging :)

I sprayed the outside of the dresser and the outside of each drawer. After the first coat dried, I sprayed a second coat of paint. Remember to follow the instructions on your spray paint can for spraying distance and dry time. I also spray painted the wooden handles black.

I had some silver spray paint lying around so I decided to spray paint the metal ends for each handle with silver. Perfect.

After checking over my project and looking for imperfections, I noticed how the top of the dresser had blemishes in the surface and after 2 coats of spray paint you could still see these blemishes from an angle. Not cool. Was I worried? No. Ok, maybe for a minute. Then remembered I had black contact paper!

 I was so happy I had this on hand. I couldn't think of a better way to make my top surface look superb. Plus, I remembered WHO I was making this dresser for. A little boy who will undoubtedly run his hotwheels over and over and over the top of the dresser lol.

I followed the instructions and measured and cut my paper to cover the entire top surface of the dresser. This is a close-up of the contact paper I used. It has a nice texture to it.

Using a foam brush, I also applied a polyacrylic top coat to my painted surfaces for protection.

When everything was dry enough to handle I installed the hardware and grabbed a couple "willing" bodies to help me move this beast into my son's room. I had to hand paint the metal corner pieces. I really wanted to spray paint them but no go. I had silver acrylic paint on hand for small crafts and just painted with a small artist's brush. This dresser came out great and has so much room for his things!

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