Friday, May 23, 2014

Terracotta Jewelry Tower/Stand

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest, however there was no link to find directions on how to create it. This is super easy and anyone can do it!

Two really neat things about this tower:
1) It has many different uses
2) You can create it so many different ways, just by choosing different sizes for your terracotta pots and saucers.

Items I used:
1) Terracotta pots
2) Terracotta saucers/pots
3) Glorilla Glue
4) Acrylic craft paint/paint brush
5) Sanding block (rough grit)/optional
6) Glossy spray on clear coat
7) Self-adhesive craft felt/optional

I purchased my terracotta on sale at Home Depot and bought a tube of craft paint at Michael's. I chose Gorilla Glue since it works on porous surfaces. Everything else I had on hand :)

First arrange your pots and saucers to decide how you'd like the finishing product to look. Follow the glue instructions and glue all the pots and saucers together. I've since read that some others who have made these, choose not to glue all their pieces together. Whatever you prefer, be creative!

Once glue is set, paint the entire piece with the craft paint you chose. I wanted my tower to appear "antique" so I sanded edges and surfaces with a rough grit sanding block to remove a little bit of paint and add character to my piece!

To protect your tower I would definitely spray a clear coat over the entire piece. I used glossy since I already had that on hand.

Lastly, if you choose, add some self-adhesive craft felt to the bottom to prevent the tower from scratching surfaces. I definitely didn't want to scratch the paint on my new-ish "mud closet" I had just made!

As you can see, I chose to use mine for all my husband's junk lol. I keep this right at the front door so he can deposit all his belongings ;)

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